Does BR PITR support specifying databases and tables?

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Original topic: br pitr 支持指定库表?

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For regular backup needs, the current production cluster size is about 3TB, and the br snapshot backup size is about 1TB. Due to business reasons, we often need to restore single table data to a specified point in time. The documentation does not recommend continuing to use br --lastbackupts. Will log backups support specifying databases and tables?

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Here is a solution for you: Schedule BR backups for the specified table, and additionally install a set of binlog components to store binlog logs in local files in real-time.
If you need to restore data to a specified point in time, just follow these steps:
Step 1: Restore the specified table to a backup point before the specified time using BR backup.
Step 2: Use the Reparo tool to restore data from the BR backup point to the specified point in time.

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