Does LIKE support computation distributed to individual KV nodes?

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Original topic: like支持下发到个个kv节点计算吗

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Does like support being distributed to each KV node for computation? Do these three patterns “%21”, “%123%”, and “342%” all support it?

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The like function is supported for pushdown.

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When using LIKE, if the condition starts with the wildcard %, indexes cannot be used. Pushing down should not be a big problem.

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Yes, all three will be issued, it’s just a matter of whether the index is used or not.

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The main issue is whether or not to use indexes, not whether or not to push down.

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:joy: Yes, I got confused at first~

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:100: :100: :100:

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Push down everything

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LIKE supports pushdown

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Of course it is supported, but it may not necessarily use the index.

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Pushdown, index cannot be used.

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Support pushdown

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Support pushdown

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Supports pushdown

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