Does Rocky Linux support it? Production environment

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Original topic: rocky linux 支持吗?生产环境

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Does version 6.5 support deployment on Rocky Linux systems?

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You can refer to: TiDB 软件和硬件环境建议配置 | PingCAP 文档中心

It is recommended to use the officially recommended operating system.

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The official documentation does not support this operating system, and some unknown issues may arise.

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Rocky Linux is the successor to CentOS 8. You can set up a test environment and run some stress tests.

If you don’t want to think too much, just use CentOS 7 directly.

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It’s best not to use unconventional versions in a production environment. Stick to the officially recommended versions. If it’s a testing environment, feel free to experiment as you like.

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Although it is equivalent to CentOS 8 or 9, it is still better to follow the official recommendations for production. The official team likely tests the recommended systems for stability and errors.

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RHEL and its clone distributions, CentOS has almost reached a dead end. The distributions from major service providers (Alibaba, Huawei, etc.) are specialized and used locally, making it even less likely to be supported. Once CentOS 7.9 reaches its end of support, Rocky Linux is likely to be a strong contender. Therefore, it is hoped that Rocky Linux will be included in the support plan for production environments.

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It is currently not recommended for use in a production environment. If you must use it, consider it only after rigorous testing. There are too many unknown factors.

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+1, I had been testing 8.4 all along, but with Red Hat’s new policy and recent questionable actions, it was a deal-breaker; currently, a small part of the testing environment has started testing Rocky Linux :joy:

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Digging a hole for yourself?

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Did you encounter any issues?

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Rocky hasn’t been tested yet, but openEuler is currently in use. Some features still require manual patching.

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Tidb here was only installed and subjected to a simple TPCC stress test without any issues, but no business data has been used. :joy: