Does TiDB currently support full-text indexing and is there a plan for it?

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Original topic: TiDB当前是否支持全文索引以及是否有规划

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Not supported for now, but it might be in the future. Support FULLTEXT search · Issue #1793 · pingcap/tidb · GitHub

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Not supported for now. We used MySQL before, but we rarely used it.

| username: 芝士改变命运 | Original post link

This is rarely used.

| username: DBAER | Original post link

What scenarios require full-text indexing?

| username: 数据源的TiDB学习之路 | Original post link

I just want to organize the indexes supported by TiDB.

| username: xfworld | Original post link

This is obviously not TiDB’s strong suit; ES would be more reliable…

| username: TiDBer_嘎嘣脆 | Original post link

Currently, no. Full-text indexing is meaningless for TiDB.

| username: stephanie | Original post link

Full-text search might be more suitable with ES. I just happened to see an article today about using TiDB in combination with ES for full-text search.
Embracing Elasticsearch: Giving TiDB the Wings of Full-Text Search | PingCAP

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I haven’t heard of any plans for this, and it’s rarely used in MySQL, right? Wouldn’t something like Elasticsearch be better for your scenario?

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Full-text indexing depends on the business scenario.

| username: zhang_2023 | Original post link

It is not supported at the moment.

| username: 友利奈绪 | Original post link

It seems I didn’t notice this.

| username: 呢莫不爱吃鱼 | Original post link

It is not supported, right?

| username: Hacker_PtIIxHC1 | Original post link

You can consider using ES search for full-text indexing.

| username: 有猫万事足 | Original post link

It’s not in the current roadmap.

| username: TIDB-Learner | Original post link

Full-text search seems cumbersome. Will TiDB support it in the future?

| username: TiDBer_HErMeXDz | Original post link

You can use ES…

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There are no plans; what everyone is calling for more is custom functions or something like that.

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Not very meaningful, right?