Does TiDB Database Have Data Masking Functionality?

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Original topic: TiDB数据库是否有脱敏功能

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Does the TiDB database have a data masking function, such as creating a masking policy to process sensitive data columns in certain tables and then applying it to database users?

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Similar to openGauss, TiDB can implement dynamic data masking functionality.

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Never heard of it.

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There shouldn’t be any. It still needs to be implemented by the application.

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Isn’t it more reassuring to implement the desensitization algorithm yourself? Otherwise, why bother with desensitization, right?

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This kind of desensitization is still somewhat different from data encryption.

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This data masking strategy implementation is independent of the client.

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Desensitization usually involves creating your own desensitization rules and then running batch processing on historical data.

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This is also a way of data anonymization.

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