Does TiDB generate Binlog like MySQL?

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Application environment:

Test environment

TiDB version:

TiDB v6.0.0


Does TiDB generate Binlog like MySQL? I searched TiDB’s file directory but failed to find it.

[root@localhost tidb-data]# ls
alertmanager-9093 monitor-9100 pd-2379 prometheus-9090 tiflash-9000 tikv-20160

You need to deploy the TiDB Binlog component separately. Reference docs: TiDB Binlog Cluster Deployment | PingCAP Docs

I have deployed the cluster using the following command:

tiup cluster deploy mytidb_cluster v6.0.0 ./topology.yaml

But the file topology.yaml did not have the items pump_servers: and drainer_servers: in it. Can I add these two items to the topology.yaml and re-execute the above command to deploy and enable Binlog?

topology.yaml is only used during the initial deployment. Now you can add new components by scaling the TiDB cluster. Reference docs: Scale a TiDB Cluster Using TiUP | PingCAP Docs