Does TiDB have plans to support spatial geographic functions?

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Original topic: TiDB 有没有计划支持空间地理函数

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I would like to know if TiDB has plans to support spatial type functions (i.e., GIS / GEOMETRY), data types, and indexes; is there such a demand currently, and what technical solutions are being used to support such needs while using TiDB?

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The latest roadmap does not include this plan.
For the latter part of the question, I also want to know how to handle it better and see other people’s solutions.

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No, but PostgreSQL has it.

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+1 I didn’t see it in the roadmap.

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In the first half of the year, there were plans related to GIS, scheduled for after 2024, but now they are gone.

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I have the same question. Our industry is related to geography, and we are currently using PG and SQL Server with relatively large data. We initially wanted to try TiDB for other scenarios, but later found out that it doesn’t have spatial functions. Now we directly convert geometry to other types, so these point data can only be viewed :joy:

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GaussDB and Greenplum, which are based on PostgreSQL, have relatively good support in this area.

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You can make suggestions to the official team.

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Spatial types are generally better supported by NoSQL.

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SuperMap Software is generally considered the most professional spatial database in China, right?
SuperMap’s open-source spatial database Yukon, based on Huawei’s open-source database openGauss, provides capabilities for storing, computing, and managing spatial data, empowering existing relational database technologies. The Yukon open-source spatial database is compatible with PostGIS and supports the storage of 3D model data, offering integrated 2D and 3D spatial data storage, computation, and management capabilities. Yukon also supports adaptation with PostgreSQL.
It ranks first on Mo Tian Lun.

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MySQL supports all spatial functions.

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MYSQL support is correct, but TiDB is a distributed database, and it is very difficult for distributed databases to support stored procedures, functions, views, triggers, etc.

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Currently, there isn’t any.

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The current version does not have it.

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Not available now.

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