Does TiDB plan to venture into vectorized databases?

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Original topic: Tidb有打算进军向量化数据库吗?

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Does TiDB plan to venture into vectorized databases? For example, text embedding search or image embedding search functionalities?

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Focus on perfecting the distributed database first!

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Is it feasible to use TiKV for storage, with an additional layer of business logic and a retrieval engine on top?

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Watch the trend…

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:+1: :+1: :+1:

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What is a quantized database?

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Got it!

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It’s not quantization, it’s vectorization.

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Mainly saw these features in Clickhouse, haha, now that the AI era has arrived, we can’t fall behind.

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A vector database, simply put, is a database that focuses on distances, such as Euclidean distance, cosine similarity distance, etc. Relational databases are for human use, while vector databases are for AI use.

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Like, keep it up!

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Similar to the domestic Milvus, of course, currently, ES and Redis also support vector search… In the AI field, it is mainly used to store embedding data.

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