Does tidb-server have a feature to lock a user after incorrect password attempts, or how to implement it?

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Original topic: tidb-server有没有用户密码出错就锁定用户的功能,或者怎么实现

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Due to security audit requirements, we need to support login failure handling. Does TiDB have this feature implemented?

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[Password Consecutive Error Login Restriction Policy]

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For versions below 6.5, you can only manually lock accounts by directly modifying the mysql.user table. In version 6.5, you can use the method mentioned above.

update mysql.user set account_locked ='Y' where user='test1';
select user, account_locked from mysql.user;
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How to detect user password login failure in versions below 6.5?

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The password management feature is only supported starting from version 6.5. Versions below 6.5 cannot automatically restrict login based on consecutive incorrect password attempts. If you need this feature, you will have to upgrade.

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Sorry, I didn’t notice the version information.

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