Does TiDB support using Alibaba Cloud's ALB for load balancing?

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Original topic: TiDB节点用阿里云的ALB做负载均衡支持吗?

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I see that the official website recommends using Haproxy for load balancing. Does Alibaba Cloud’s ALB support load balancing?

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Load balancing is not related to the TiDB cluster itself. Solutions like LVS, HAProxy, F5, A10, etc., can all be used, and ALB should also be applicable.

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Sure, both hardware and software are fine.

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It is recommended to use open source, as it is easier to locate issues when they arise.

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If I understand correctly, ALB is a Layer 7 load balancer, and SLB is a Layer 4 load balancer. When I usually set up a proxy, whether it’s HAProxy or Nginx, I always configure it as a Layer 4 load balancer. In my understanding, a Layer 7 load balancer cannot proxy TCP requests and therefore cannot act as a proxy for TiDB.

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The choice of load balancer is not particularly important; just distinguish the protocol and level of the proxy. Commercial load balancers are more stable and reliable than open-source ones, so just make the right choice.