Does TiFlash support secondary indexes?

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Original topic: tiflash 支持二级索引吗?

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Currently, I have only found information about secondary indexes existing in TiKV, but not in TiFlash.

If TiFlash supports secondary indexes, what performance issues might arise?

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The data in TiFlash is mainly divided into two parts: Delta and Stable. The Stable data is organized by Packs, with each Pack containing approximately 8192 rows. To ensure the correctness of secondary indexes, data with the same primary key needs to be written into the same Pack during insertion. This ensures the correctness of MVCC when filtering with secondary indexes. For a more detailed explanation, you can look forward to the subsequent source code analysis of the DeltaIndex topic.

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[PPT Download]: TiFlash Storage Layer Overview.pdf (877.2 KB)

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Not supported, this issue was also discussed a few days ago, refer to this link

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TiFlash does not currently support traditional indexes, rough indexes.

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