Does UnionTech UOS V20 not support TiDB deployment?

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Original topic: 统信uosv20不支持tidb的部署么?

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The official website says it supports uosv20 deployment, but I encountered an error during deployment check saying it does not support uos.


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Which version did you upgrade this cluster from? Check if the upgrade was completely successful to avoid compatibility issues caused by some components not being upgraded successfully. According to the official documentation, UOS V20 has been supported since version 6.1.

Are all your TiDB tool components version 6.5.2? You can check the .tiup/storage/cluster/clusters/{cluster-name}/meta.yaml file to verify the version in this meta file.

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I checked and it is version 6.5.2. I checked for errors, but there were no errors during installation. The cluster is currently running normally, but I’m not sure if there will be any issues during future operations and usage.

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Is the TiUP version also the latest?

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Yes, I executed tiup update --self && tiup update cluster and it showed success. Currently, it is:

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Looking at the code of tiup, it will report an error as long as there is a check that is not included. It is possible that after the official documentation added support for uos after version 6.1, the check in tiup did not include it.

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Thank you, I just saw this as well. As long as it’s supported, that’s fine. I’m just worried about encountering various issues during operation later.

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Check what error was reported, could it be that some tools are not version 6.5.2?

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