Drop Table and Insert Into Operations Are Extremely Slow

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Original topic: drop table,insert ino 都卡的要死

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Why does the database I just installed using Docker Compose freeze when I drop an empty table, and ultimately fail? Inserting a single piece of data also freezes and fails, with the error [tikv disk full: store_id:1 reason: “propose failed: tikv disk full, cmd diskFullOpt=NotAllowedOnFull”]. There shouldn’t be an issue with insufficient disk space.

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How large is the disk? Check the remaining space; it might be that the remaining disk space is less than the reserved space.

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Do you know how to disable this reserved space when deploying with Docker Compose? I checked and the space should be sufficient. I still want to remove this default reserved space feature.

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Modify TiDB Cluster Configuration | PingCAP Docs
Take a look.