Encountering NoSuchMethodError When Using TiSpark

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Original topic: 使用TiSpark报NoSuchMethodError

| username: TiDBer_YQ5s65BA

What is the reason for this, and how can it be resolved? Thank you!

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Which version did the issue occur in, and how did it appear? What are the reproduction steps?
Please also paste the error message in text form, thank you~

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This error indicates that the current version of the ANTLR tool is incorrect. Use this clue to troubleshoot and see if it can be resolved.

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Calling a non-existent method or an incompatible version of the method

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It seems to be a compatibility issue. Maybe this can help you TiSpark User Guide | PingCAP Documentation Center

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The screenshot shows that log4j 1.2 is being used, but Spark has long switched to log4j2. It is likely a version issue; I suggest checking it again.