[Ended] Online Meetup | Exploring the Development Path of AI Applications from 0 to Unlimited: Development Stories of TiDB Global Hackathon TOP AI Projects & Unique Insights from Realchar CEO, a Rising AI Startup

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Original topic: 【已结束】线上 Meetup|探索 AI 应用从0到 unlimited的发展之路:TiDB全球Hackathon TOP AI 项目的开发故事 & 新星 AI 创业公司 Realchar CEO 的独特洞见

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I believe everyone can feel the recent development and impact of artificial intelligence (AI) in various fields. For this Meetup, we have invited the TOP AI project developers from the 2023 TiDB Future App Global Hackathon to share their stories of creating AI applications from scratch! Additionally, we have Dongxu, CEO of the emerging AI startup RealChar and founder of PingCAP, to discuss with us the future development trends revealed by these real-world AI applications and the required tech stack.

Join innovative developers in the AI field to discover your own AI journey!

:date: Date: September 27

:alarm_clock: Time: 11:00 AM - 12:00 PM (Singapore/China Time)

*Same as China Time :arrow_up:

:round_pushpin: Location: Online Meetup

:tickets: Registration Link: From 0 to 1: Exploring the Tech Stacks Behind Real-World Generative AI Applications | PingCAP

Meetup Content Summary:

  • Winner Stories (15 minutes): Learn about the AI application creation stories behind the TOP projects of the 2023 TiDB Global Hackathon.
  • AI Innovation and Challenges (20 minutes): Explore how AI is reshaping application development, providing inspiration for startups and individual developers.
  • Future AI Trends (20 minutes): Delve into the future of AI applications and discover the next-generation data infrastructure for AI innovation.

Meetup Speakers:

Host: Raymond Paik


Community Manager at PingCAP. Long-term involvement in open-source community management in the network, DevOps, and data analytics industries. Ray has shared talks at CHAOSScon, Community Leadership Summit, FOSDEM, GitLab Commit, and Open Source Summit.

Speaker: Shuan Wei


CEO of the emerging AI startup RealChar, leading RealChar to success in the field of AI applications.

Speaker: Dongxu


Co-founder and CTO of PingCAP, judge of the TiDB Future App Hackathon 2023 Finals. Ed is an active open-source enthusiast and author of open-source software, including the distributed Redis caching solution Codis and the distributed relational database TiDB.

Speaker: Kevin Canwen Xu


First prize winner of the TiDB Hackathon 2023; third-year PhD student at the University of California, San Diego.

Speaker: Elliott Chong Zhi Sheng


Second prize winner of the TiDB Hackathon 2023, a computer science student passionate about web design and artificial intelligence.

September 27! [Next Generation Data Infra For AI Application] Online Meetup, join us to explore the journey of AI applications from 0 to unlimited!

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