[Ended] This Weekend! Come to DevJoy in Person and Complete Tasks to Receive Multiple Community Gifts~

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Original topic: 【已结束】本周末!来 DevJoy 现场,完成任务即可获得多重社区好礼~

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DevJoy (https://devjoy.org/) is a fair for developers (Developer) that brings together various aspects of interest to developers:

  • Developer tools
  • Online platforms
  • Games
  • Robots
  • Toys, figures, models, 3D printing
  • Fashion culture
  • Computer peripherals

… and more.

This year’s DevJoy will be held on 2022.11.5 - 6 (Saturday and Sunday) at WeWork China Flagship Store (696 Weihai Road, Jing’an District, Shanghai)!

The TiDB community will also have a “booth” at DevJoy, where we will introduce the past and present of OSSInsight, and interact with everyone. If you come to the event and are interested in visiting our community booth, try to challenge our booth tasks~ Participation comes with rewards, and we have prepared the latest community travel mugs for you!

Travel Mug

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Looks great~ Let’s go~

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Jing’an District~~ Can’t go, watching remotely.

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Student O~

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I can’t go to Jing’an District, I can only take a look remotely.

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Looking for events in Hangzhou