Error 1105 (HY000): TiKV disk full when deleting data

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Original topic: 删除数据时提示 ERROR 1105 (HY000): tikv disk full

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[Test Environment] Testing environment
[TiDB Version] V6.0.0
[Issue Encountered] Encountered a “tikv disk full” error when deleting data from the table;
[Installation Environment] Installed 3 TiKV nodes on a single virtual machine, with 4GB of disk space remaining.

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  • When TiKV starts, it reserves a portion of space to protect disk space. When the remaining disk space is less than this reserved space, TiKV will limit some write operations. The reserved space is divided into two parts: 80% of the reserved space is used as additional disk space required for maintenance operations when disk space is insufficient, and the remaining 20% is for temporary disk files. During the space reclamation process, if the additional disk space used is excessive, causing storage exhaustion, this temporary file will serve as the last line of defense for service recovery.
  • The temporary file is named space_placeholder_file and is located in the directory. When TiKV goes offline due to disk space exhaustion, restarting TiKV will automatically delete this temporary file and attempt to reclaim space automatically.
  • When the remaining space is insufficient, TiKV will not create this temporary file. The effectiveness of the defense is related to the size of the reserved space. The reserved space size is calculated as the maximum value between 5% of the disk capacity and this configuration item. When the value of this configuration item is 0MB, TiKV will disable the disk protection feature.
  • Default value: 5GB
  • Unit: MB|GB
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Is it possible to solve the problem by adjusting this parameter without increasing disk space? Also, where exactly can this parameter be adjusted? Thank you!

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You can also adjust the GC time to shorten the data retention period.

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Are there specific steps to adjust this parameter?

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  1. You can use tiup cluster edit-config <cluster_name> to add or modify the configuration as described in TiKV 配置文件描述 | PingCAP 文档中心. Then, restart TiKV according to the prompts.
  2. GC can be modified using the set method. For example:
    set global tidb_gc_life_time='30m'
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Okay, thank you. The issue has been temporarily resolved by expanding the disk.

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