Error After Installation: Error: context deadline exceeded. No Specific Error Found in the Logs

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Original topic: 安装后报错: Error: context deadline exceeded。日志中也没看到具体错误

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[TiDB Version] V7.5.0
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Error reported on startup after installation: Error: context deadline exceeded. However, it seems that this error is reported without any other impact; the database and web page are functioning normally.
There doesn’t seem to be any specific related errors in the logs. Not sure where to start troubleshooting.

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tiup-cluster-debug-2024-01-08-13-59-47.log (84.6 KB)

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There is still an impact. The startup is --init, but the password is no longer displayed…

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Were there any errors during the installation?

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The installation was normal, with no errors. Finally, after multiple stops and starts (without init), and then starting with --init, there were no errors, and it started normally, displaying the password. Not sure what the reason is.

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Generally, the first time you start, add --init.

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