Error in Synchronizing MariaDB Data with TiDB DM

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Original topic: tidb dm同步maridb的数据报错

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[Reproduction Path] Sync data from MariaDB 10.2.0 to TiDB
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“result”: false,
“msg”: “[code=38032:class=dm-master:scope=internal:level=high], Message: some error occurs in dm-worker: ErrCode:36067 ErrClass:"sync-unit" ErrScope:"internal" ErrLevel:"high" Message:"startLocation: [position: (mysql-bin-changelog.2294783, 411), gtid-set: 0-4339686-332669112024], endLocation: [position: (mysql-bin-changelog.2294783, 578), gtid-set: 0-1898801397-332669112025], origin SQL: [SET STATEMENT max_statement_time=60 FOR DELETE FROM mysql.rds_sysinfo where name = ‘innodb_txn_key’]: parse DDL: SET STATEMENT max_statement_time=60 FOR DELETE FROM mysql.rds_sysinfo where name = ‘innodb_txn_key’" RawCause:"line 1 column 32 near \"max_statement_time=60 FOR DELETE FROM mysql.rds_sysinfo where name = ‘innodb_txn_key’\" " Workaround:"Please confirm your DDL statement is correct and needed. For TiDB compatible DDL, see MySQL Compatibility | PingCAP Docs. You can use handle-error command to skip or replace the DDL or add a binlog filter rule to ignore it if the DDL is not needed." , Workaround: Please execute query-status to check status.”,
“source”: “remote_vehicle_prod”,
“worker”: “dm-”
[Resource Configuration]

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Configured filter according to the prompt, but still keeps reporting errors

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handle-error. Skip errors.

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Got it, the SET STATEMENT was written incorrectly.

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