Error in Tiflash Compilation and Linking

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Original topic: Tiflash编译链接出错

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【TiDB Usage Environment】Production Environment or Test Environment or POC
ubuntu20.04 arm64
【TiDB Version】
Tiflash release6.3
【Encountered Problem】
Compilation of tiflash_proxy failed. It seems to be a linking issue. Tried lowering the OpenSSL version, but it didn’t help. Can anyone who has successfully compiled it provide some guidance?

【Reproduction Path】What operations were performed to encounter the problem
【Problem Phenomenon and Impact】

【Attachments】 Related logs and monitoring (

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Hello, you can communicate in the issue section of Github tiflash and the developer community. GitHub - pingcap/tiflash: The analytical engine for TiDB and TiDB Cloud. Try free:

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The README currently has a dedicated section describing the steps under Ubuntu 20, can you refer to these steps and give it a try?

Additionally, you can also try uninstalling libssl from the system directly.

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