Error Occurred When Importing Data with TiDB Lightning Using TiUP

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Original topic: tiub lightning 导入数据的时候报错

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When starting to import data, an error is reported: [“restore failed”] [error=“build local backend failed: [PD:client:ErrClientCreateTSOStream]create TSO stream failed”]
Has anyone encountered and resolved this issue?

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What version?
What actions were taken?

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From the error log, it appears that PD is not functioning properly…

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Unable to obtain TSO

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The version is V5.4.0. When using the command nohup ./tidb-lightning -config tidb-lightning.toml > nohup.out &, an error occurred right at the beginning of the data import.

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The TiDB dashboard can be logged in normally.

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Check the PD logs? It should be its issue.

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It seems to be an issue with PD. Is the PD address configuration for importing the file correct?

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It should not be an address issue. If I intentionally write the address incorrectly, it will directly report that my address is incorrect. However, this error is “create TSO stream failed.”