Error Occurred While Trying to Compile TiDB Source Code

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Original topic: 尝试编译TiDB源码时发生错误

| username: N1ckelth

[TiDB Usage Environment] Using CentOS7 image docker container, 64-bit
[TiDB Version] commit#33480e8
[Reproduction Path] After installing golang, cmake3, and rust, pulling the repository from GitHub, and using gmake for compilation, an issue occurs.
[Encountered Issue: Phenomenon and Impact] An error occurred, as shown in the image below.
[Resource Configuration] Compilation was not successful, so this information is not available.
[Attachment: Screenshot/Log/Monitoring]

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The issue has been resolved; I was using the wrong version of Go.

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:+1: :+1:

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Just use the latest version of Go.

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