[ERROR] [projection.go:454] ["projection executor panicked"] [error="interface conversion: interface {} is nil, not *memory.bytesLimits"]

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Original topic: [ERROR] [projection.go:454] [“projection executor panicked”] [error=“interface conversion: interface {} is nil, not *memory.bytesLimits”]

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[ERROR] [projection.go:454] [“projection executor panicked”] [error=“interface conversion: interface {} is nil, not *memory.bytesLimits”]
This issue occurs occasionally, causing TiDB connection failures.

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Did TiDB restart?

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There has been no restart, and this problem suddenly appeared recently.

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Looking at this error, it feels like a bug :thinking:. I recommend upgrading to the latest version of 6.1, such as 617. A minor version upgrade equals a patch upgrade.

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Interface conversion: interface {} is zero, not *memory.bytesLimits · Issue #42302 · pingcap/tidb (github.com)
It’s similar to this, but I haven’t found a solution. It might not appear after an upgrade.

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Upgrading to 6.1.7, minor version upgrades should not be a big issue.

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Check the memory-related aspects, such as how much is available.