Error when starting TiDB as a slave from MySQL: The slave IO thread stops because the master has an unknown @@GLOBAL.GTID_MODE '0'

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Original topic: 主TIDB从mysql启动时,报错The slave IO thread stops because the master has an unknown @@GLOBAL.GTID_MODE ‘0’.

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When starting SLAVE, the slave IO thread stops because the master has an unknown @@GLOBAL.GTID_MODE ‘0’. Both master and slave are set to SET @@GLOBAL.GTID_MODE = 0; however, MySQL shows off, TiDB shows 0, and then this error occurs.

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How did you set up the master-slave configuration? Generally, TiDB synchronizes to MySQL using TiCDC, but this error doesn’t seem related to that.

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Haven’t studied TiCDC, directly using MySQL’s master-slave replication.

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How to start TiDB from MySQL.

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Use the TiCDC tool to synchronize TiDB to MySQL.

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TiDB and MySQL cannot perform MySQL-like master-slave replication; you need to use TiCDC or TiDB Binlog for synchronization.

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TiDB’s binlog is different from MySQL’s and does not support MySQL’s master-slave replication. It is recommended to look into CDC’s master-slave replication.

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You can skip this setting and restart the master-slave.

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Execute the following command to check the configuration of GTID_MODE:

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TiDB is only compatible with MySQL SQL syntax and cannot directly use MySQL master-slave mode to connect to TiDB. You can use TiCDC to synchronize from TiDB to MySQL and use DM to synchronize from MySQL to TiDB.

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When I first came into contact with TiDB, I also thought it was 100% compatible with MySQL.

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For version 7.5, use CDC. For older versions, you can consider binlog.

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