[Essay Contest TOP 3 Creative Ornaments/Trophy Voting] Come and pick your favorite! Charge towards the TOP 3!

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Original topic: 【征文大赛 TOP 3 创意摆件/奖杯投票】快来 Pick 你爱的!勇冲 TOP 3 !

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The second TiDB essay contest will end on May 31! The top contenders are ready to aim for the top 3! Only 15 days left! Grand prizes are ready! Creative trophies are ready! Are you ready? :alarm_clock: We’re waiting for your article!

So far, we have received 69 articles from 37 TiDBers. :point_down: Hurry up and seize the last 15 days to learn more about the second essay contest or click here to start writing!

【Essay Contest】The second TiDB community essay contest, take away all the new community peripherals at once, plus Bose noise-canceling headphones, Be Relax massager, and more!

Second Essay Contest TOP 3 Creative Trophies Voting

Creative Trophies:

Trophy 1:

Selected black walnut pen holder, custom TOP 3 LOGO beautifully presented. Equipped with an eternal writing pen, effortlessly providing “endless” ink & writing inspiration.

Trophy 2:

Black and red magnetic ball perpetual calendar trophy, not just a “trophy”, but also a way to feel the precise passage of time.

Trophy 3:

Planet lamp trophy, with a base engraved with the exclusive TOP 3 logo, three-color dimming, turning on the light gives you the entire Ti planet.

Trophy 4:

Sand painting trophy, feel the exclusive painting of “Book Mountain has a road” created by flowing sand.

Trophy 5:

Exclusive trophy of the moon on the day you were born.

Trophy 6:

TOP star wooden composite trophy.

Trophy 7:

“Book Mountain has a road” presented in wood.

Trophy 8:

Elegant and simple trophy design.

Come and pick your favorite/most beautiful TOP 3 trophy!

  • Trophy 1
  • Trophy 2
  • Trophy 3
  • Trophy 4
  • Trophy 5
  • Trophy 6
  • Trophy 7
  • Trophy 8
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After picking the trophies, why not aim for the top 3 in the second essay contest? :thinking:

Second Essay Contest Prize Display

:one: First Prize (1 winner)

First prize trophy + honorary certificate +【TiDB Community Limited Edition Bose In-Ear Headphones + Full Set of New Peripherals】Eight-piece set

The ultimate eight-piece set, get all the new peripherals at once! TiDB Community Edition Bose In-Ear Headphones + 67W Fast Charging Plug, TiDB New Stickers, Ultra-thin Phone Stand, White Travel Mug, Custom Timer, All in TiDB Keycap, TiDB Smart Leather Mouse Pad

:two: Second Prize (3 winners)

Second prize trophy + 【Be Relax Set】: Be Relax Waist Pillow Massager + Shoulder Bag + 2023 Limited Edition Metal Phone Stand + TiDB Stickers + TiDB New Keycap

:three: Third Prize (5 winners)

Third prize trophy + TiDB Shoulder Bag + Mouse Pad + TiDB New Keycap + Fast Charging Plug

:four: “Book Mountain has a road” Diligence Award

Exclusive TiDB community suitcase (color random)

During the event period, the person who submits the most articles that meet the requirements will win. If the number of submissions is the same, the winner will be determined by popularity = number of favorites **20 + number of likes **10 with the highest score.


:five: Most Popular Award (3 winners):

TiDB Shoulder Bag + TiDB New Keycap + Power Bank

Seize the last 15 days and let’s write together~

| username: Jellybean | Original post link

The sand art trophy is really beautiful.

| username: 裤衩儿飞上天 | Original post link

What if everyone likes it? :smiling_imp:

| username: 秋季番Oo | Original post link

The quicksand photo frame is really beautiful :laughing:

| username: tidb菜鸟一只 | Original post link

I can’t write it, there’s no way.

| username: Jellybean | Original post link

You don’t have to choose, take them all.

| username: Anna | Original post link

If you want smaller ones, you can place more of them, hahaha.

| username: TiDB社区小助手 | Original post link

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