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Quick Information

Event: AIGC Overseas Innovation Industry Summit

Time: June 16th, 9:30-12:00 (Friday)

Location: Guangzhou Canton Fair Complex - Area A, Hall 5.2, Main Venue

Canton Fair Complex Area A: No. 380, Yuejiang Middle Road, Haizhu District, Guangzhou, Guangdong Province

Registration Method:

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Scan the code to register for the “2-day SVIP All-Area Pass” worth 299 yuan

Every June, the Product and Growth Conference (PAGC) hosted by Yangfan Overseas meets with everyone on time.

After three years of accumulation, the PAGC conference has been fully upgraded to bring more exciting content to practitioners who are ready to go.

As one of the largest annual conferences and major brand events hosted by Yangfan Overseas, this PAGC conference gathers over 7,000 global elites, invites over 900 Chief Growth Officers, 600+ product technology experts, and opens 100+ booths, breaking resource boundaries, connecting high-quality networks and resources, meeting with top overseas teams, exploring future overseas trends and opportunities, sharing innovation and growth ecosystems, and seeking growth opportunities in overseas markets. Co-hosted by Yangfan Overseas, HuntMobi, and Baidao Data, and co-organized by GDG Guangzhou and Open Source Technology OSTech, the “AIGC Overseas Innovation Industry Summit” will officially kick off on June 16th. Special guests include Chen Yuheng, Head of Data Intelligent Application Technology at Lizhi Group, Zhu Min Nerissa, Business Partner at HuntMobi, Chen Geng, Senior Architect at Google Cloud, Chen Lin, VP & Co-founder of Xingzhe AI, Yang Dongbo, Deputy Secretary-General of iTechClub South China Guangzhou Branch, Duan Zhiyun, Chairman of Bilin Planet, and Ling Tiange, Founder & CEO of Gezi Interactive, who will provide insights into the hidden overseas opportunities under the AIGC wave and explore new application scenarios for artificial intelligence.


AIGC Overseas Innovation Industry Summit Content Exposed

Keynote Speakers

Chen Yuheng, Head of Data Intelligent Application Technology at Lizhi Group

Head of Data Intelligent Application Technology at Lizhi Group. After graduating from overseas studies in 2015, he has been engaged in big data business intelligence applications and system development in the internet industry. He has been responsible for the intelligent data application development and technical breakthroughs of mobile games and audio interactive entertainment products. His research focuses on industry applications of big data and artificial intelligence under the integrated service architecture of AIGC and cloud-native. He has applied for over 10 patents.

Zhu Min Nerissa, Business Partner at HuntMobi

Master’s degree from Xiamen University, with over 10 years of rich experience in overseas marketing. She has built a 100-person digital marketing team from scratch and led the team to obtain official agency qualifications from top media.

Chen Geng, Senior Architect at Google Cloud

Chen Geng, Senior Architect at Google Cloud, Google Generative AI Ambassador. Active in promoting Generative AI and open-source cloud-native technologies, he has authored multiple books on cloud technology.

Chen Lin, VP & Co-founder of Xingzhe AI

Chen Lin, Ph.D. from Sichuan University, VP & Co-founder of Xingzhe AI. He has worked at Sichuan University, CETC China Electronics Technology Group, and Longyuan Network Company. He has led projects for the Ministry of Industry and Information Technology, China Mobile, Huawei Central Research Institute, and CETC, and participated in formulating China’s first national cloud computing standard. He was selected as a “Chengdu High-Tech Talent” and won first place in the cloud and big data track of the 2022 National Innovation and Entrepreneurship Competition Sichuan Division. He holds over 10 invention patents and has published over 10 papers in SCI and EI journals, with some invited as reviewers for international SCI journals.

Roundtable Guests

Yang Dongbo, Deputy Secretary-General of iTechClub South China

Deputy Secretary-General of iTechClub South China Guangzhou Branch, CEO of Guangzhou Tage Technology Co., Ltd. He has been in the gaming industry for over ten years, experiencing the eras of web games, mobile games, and H5. He has always been engaged in technical development and management, having worked at Feiyin, 4399, and 37 Interactive Entertainment, with rich experience in technical development and team management.

Duan Zhiyun, Chairman of Bilin Planet

Founder of the 3D digital space AIGC and UGC platform Bilin Planet, which has a leading large model AI digital human platform and consumer metaverse products. He was formerly Vice President of Roblox China and Product Manager at Tencent, deeply involved in Tencent’s VR game platform and cloud game platform projects.

Ling Tiange, Founder & CEO of Gezi Interactive

Founder & CEO of Gezi Interactive, creator of Halo Script Killing and Dabing Voice Engine, and has received investments from Source Code Capital and Y Combinator. A post-2000 entrepreneur, he graduated from Shanghai Pinghe Bilingual School and Carnegie Mellon University with a degree in computer science.

Event Schedule

Event Registration

In 2023, major breakthroughs in the AI industry have shown us the development potential of artificial intelligence. The application of AIGC in niche fields helps to free up human resources, reduce content production costs, and improve output efficiency. In this new wave, how to seize the opportunities brought by the AIGC wave and explore new application scenarios?

On June 16th, the Yangfan Overseas PAGC 2023 | AIGC Overseas Innovation Product Summit will be held in Guangzhou, focusing on hot and painful topics and sharing practical insights from experts.

Exclusive conference benefits, scan the QR code below to register for the original price of 299 yuan for a 2-day SVIP pass for free. Limited quantity, sign up now!
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On-site Benefits

To further enhance the value and experience of participants, we have also prepared a special gift package - “99% Must-Have Gift Package for Overseas Entrepreneurs”.

This package will provide a wealth of data and information about overseas markets, including market insights, competitive analysis, user behavior, and more, summarizing over 20,000 industry experiences. For friends preparing to enter overseas markets, this will be a very useful resource to help them make more informed decisions.

To thank participants for their support and participation, all participants only need to register for the conference and sign in on-site to receive this special gift package, sharing the growth value together.

We believe that by participating in the conference, participants will gain valuable insights, build valuable networks, and acquire practical tools and resources to pave the way for the development of overseas markets. Whether you are an entrepreneur, business owner, or investor, the PAGC conference will bring you rare opportunities.

Register for the conference, meet with top overseas teams from around the world, and explore the infinite possibilities of overseas markets together. Also, remember to collect the 99% must-have data gift package for overseas entrepreneurs when you sign in on-site, making your overseas journey smoother and more successful.

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