Exam Time|Get TiDB Practitioner Certification with Zero Technical Background and Zero Cost!

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Original topic: 开考了喂|零技术基础、0 元考取 TiDB 从业者认证!

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Have you been lingering at the doorstep of becoming a TiDB certified professional for a long time but haven’t found a suitable certification program?

Don’t worry! PingCAP has now launched the brand-new TiDB Practitioner Certification! This is a beginner-friendly and completely free certification! It helps you lay a solid foundation for more advanced PingCAP certifications in the future!

Exam Overview

The TiDB Practitioner Certification is an entry-level certification designed to assess participants’ understanding of basic TiDB concepts, terminology, and use cases.

The TiDB Database Practitioner Exam is designed with the needs of TiDB enthusiasts in mind. The exam is completely free, with no cost burden, allowing you to participate easily and with unlimited attempts.

Target Audience

● Those who want to validate their understanding of TiDB basics;

● Those who want to become TiDB certified experts;

● Product managers, sales representatives, tech enthusiasts, or anyone interested in TiDB.

Regardless of your background and professional field, as long as you are interested in TiDB, we welcome you to join the TiDB Practitioner Certification program and explore the wonderful world of TiDB together.

Exam Content

● 20 multiple-choice questions, each worth 5 points, for a total of 100 points.

● Score 60 or above to pass the exam successfully.

● Passing the exam will earn you a TiDB Practitioner Certification certificate issued by PingCAP, endorsing your skills.

@ShawnYan from Shaoan’s certificate!

Reservation Channel

You can pre-register for the exam. Successful pre-registration will grant you exclusive access to a video collection of TiDB Practitioner Certification cheat sheets (we will send it to you via our official account, please check it), aiding your exam journey. Additionally, you will receive periodic special certification tips to help you achieve better scores and skill enhancement in the certification exam.

Don’t hesitate any longer! Seize this rare opportunity to step into the hall of TiDB certification, showcasing your professional ability and technical prowess. Sign up for the TiDB Practitioner Certification now and start your TiDB journey!

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Enough talk! I’m diving in!

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Appointment made.

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Waiting for PTCM

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Hurry up and give it a try.

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Once you successfully make a reservation, you will receive an exclusive video collection of the TiDB Practitioner Certification Pass Guide (we will send it to you via our official account, please check it). —— It seems I didn’t see it, I only saw the reservation success notification, which mentioned the reservation time?

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Scheduled for the 9.4 exam.

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There will be a notification on the official account on September 4th, remember to check it out~

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Keep up, keep up.

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Is it necessary to complete the course before you can see the scheduled exam?

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Professional certification!

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Already scheduled, no follow-up?

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Today, a related course was pushed. You can follow the official account.