Execution Plan Shows TableDual_10

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Original topic: 执行计划显示TableDual_10

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The execution plan shows TableDual_10. I don’t quite understand what it means?
SQL: explain analyze select * FROM
PLC_MAIN plcmaineo0_
plcmaineo0_.policyNo = ‘6605212022652828000139’ AND plcmaineo0_.businessType = ‘66’
and (plcmaineo0_.endorseNo = ‘6605212022652828000139’ OR plcmaineo0_.policyNo = ‘6605212022652828000139’)
AND plcmaineo0_.businessType = ‘68’
AND plcmaineo0_.endorseTime <= ‘2023-01-13 13:34:40.673’
AND plcmaineo0_.lstEffVerFlag = ‘1’
plcmaineo0_.version DESC;

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Execution Plan:

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Please share the table structure for review.

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Optimize LIMIT 0 to TableDual to avoid constructing useless execution plans.

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Where is limit 0?

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TableDual — What does it mean? I couldn’t find any relevant explanation on the official website.