Failed to Create CDC Task

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Original topic: 创建cdc任务失败

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When creating a CDC task in TiDB (TiDB to TiDB), an error occurs indicating that it cannot connect.

Upon testing connectivity, it was found that using the MySQL command to connect succeeds only about once in ten attempts, but telnet connects every time.

Then, testing network latency showed that the latency is stable at 20 milliseconds.

Will such latency prevent the creation of a CDC task?

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How can we use your database if it takes ten attempts to connect to MySQL successfully?

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Normally, I can connect locally, but there is a delay between these two servers.
That is, A connecting to B is very laggy, but connecting to B from my local machine has no issues at all.

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Then you can consider it successfully created, but the task is likely to experience significant delays. CDC network data transmission is a major issue.

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If there is a network problem, solve the network problem. Try pinging with large packets to see if there is any packet loss.

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You are connecting across subnets, and the stability is not good. It’s unclear how many layers it has gone through.

By the way, there are so many IP addresses in the photo, and they are not censored. Is that really okay?

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1 out of 10 times it succeeds, it seems like it can be created successfully, but later on… Haha, it’s hard to say how it will run…

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Check the status of the server and TiDB.

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If the network issues are not resolved, even if the creation is successful, there will be connection timeouts and data loss later on.

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Network issues need to be resolved by the network administrator.