Failed to Reload Configuration After Online Modification of TiDB Cluster Built in Pure IPv6 Environment

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Original topic: 纯ipv6环境搭建的tidb集群在线修改配置后reload失败

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After using tiup cluster edit-config, an error occurred when using the reload command: Error: failed to get leader count metric tikv_raftstore_region_count{type="leader"} not found. The TiKV log is as follows:

The log shows that it cannot obtain monitoring information through the domain name. By checking the port, it was found that port 20180 is listening on the IPv4 protocol stack, and it cannot be accessed through the IPv6 address.
However, the TiKV startup script is as follows, and the option --advertise-status-addr should listen on the IPv6 protocol stack, but it does not.

Please advise.
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Is port 20160 started on IPv4 or IPv6?

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20160 starts on a dual-stack:

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It is possible that the tikv-exporter on the TiKV node did not start correctly or failed to run, resulting in TiDB monitoring being unable to obtain the corresponding metric data.

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When the TiKV service starts, the specified status port is 20180, but it is currently listening incorrectly. Is this a bug? This way, you can’t apply the configuration changes online with reload; you can only restart the cluster?

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This is the issue. Someone has already reported this bug, but it hasn’t been fixed yet. :joy:

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Got it, thanks.
Waiting for the official fix…

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