[Failure Case & Solution] BR Backup Issue

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Original topic: 【故障案例&解决方案】BR 备份问题

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BR Backup Issues - Column Articles

Contributor: @lqbyz

Restoring Backup Files on Persistent Volumes with TiDB Operator

Contributor: @TiDB Moderator Team

【TiDB Community Moderator Topic Discussion】- In-depth Discussion on BR Backup

Contributor: @jiyf

Investigating the Issue with Endpoint Parameter Suffix in br Backup to S3

Contributor: @pepezzzz

Data Recovery of TiDB Clusters Across Different K8s Using BR

Contributor: @懂得都懂

How to Use Minio for BR Backup

Contributor: @mydb

Practical Guide to TiDB BR Backup to MinIO S3

【Fault Analysis】v5.3.0 BR Backup Error and Longer Duration Compared to Pre-upgrade

Contributor: @Sword

TIDB br Backup PermissionDenied

Contributor: @luzizhou

Backup “Operator Pushdown”: Introduction to TiDB BR

Contributor: @qhd2004

Excluding a Specific Database During br Backup

Contributor: @GreenGuan

Design and Considerations of TiDB Backup and Recovery System

Contributor: @张鱼小丸子-PingCAP

How to Achieve Safe Backup of 10T Cluster Data and 1GB/s Fast Recovery?

【TiDB 4.0 New Features Series】BR Features and Principles

Contributor: @18515065291

Implementation of TiDB Backup

BR Backup Issues - Technical Q&A

tidb v5.4.1 Cluster Backup Files Created by br Cannot Be Restored

BR Backup Error: [pd] fetch pending tso requests error

BR Backup Failed with “Disk quota exceeded” Error, but Disk Space and Inode Are Sufficient

br Backup Error: resolve lock timeout

BR Backup Rate Limit Range

br Backup Failed Due to tikv Storage I/O Error

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Great reminder~

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The biggest problem with BR backup is the shared disk. If you use the disk on the local machine, integration is particularly troublesome.

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Learned a lot, thank you!

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