Finalists List for TiDB Hackathon 2022

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Preliminary Rankings for Application Group

PS: Preliminary rankings have no relation to final rankings.

Team Name Project Name Project Description Preliminary Score Preliminary Ranking
Ti可立刻 Ti-Click++ Through an Online IDE, users can deploy Sample Apps in the simplest way. 84.75 1
莫慌!有我! NFTips This project uses blockchain public chain data to visualize the “life” of NFT digital collectibles, supporting tracing and analyzing the transaction situation (issue price, issue volume, issuer, number of resales, resale time, price trend, etc.) through images/NFT names/NFT category names. It also supports user transaction preference analysis, providing tips for NFT players in the digital collectibles world. 83.53 2
cloud naive My Life My Life is an example of our idea, which can record our life trajectory, store it in TiDB, and finally display it in various ways. 82.57 3
不上班你养我啊 云迹 Under the wave of cloud technology, enterprises enjoy the benefits of elasticity while struggling with cloud resource cost management. Issues like forgetting to turn off resources, program resource leaks, and sudden cost spikes cause headaches for enterprise personnel. Amazon considers frugality as one of its leadership principles, highlighting the importance of cost for a company, especially for startups. Cost optimization is not just a company’s task; every cloud developer needs to have this sense. Extreme optimization can give birth to great software. This project’s ultimate goal is to solve the problem of unified cost analysis and key indicator monitoring and alerting under the cloud deployment architecture. Considering the large amount of data, real-time query and alerting requirements for statistical analysis, we use the HTAP database TiDB as the storage and computing engine to leverage TiDB’s value in application scenarios. We hope to save you a bit of money through 云迹! 82.42 4
KubeBrain KubeBrain Implementing a Kubernetes metadata storage system based on TiDB. 82.27 5
1’ or ‘1’ = '1 TiSQLi Using pincap/tidb/parser to detect and prevent SQL injection. 82.03 6
Cloooudy ETiCD Etcd as a Service, powered by TiDB. 81.92 7
图一乐 Data Dance Data Dance is an online service that allows you to explore, analyze, and understand data. Through the interactive analysis interface and powerful computing engine provided by Data Dance, you can quickly analyze millions or even billions of data without professional knowledge, thereby discovering new insights, answering more questions, and making better decisions. 81.67 8
6c0c6375-462b-4320-9af2-03593d55b227 Mirror-魔镜 Mirror allows you to get analysis results without writing complex SQL. Team name inspiration: Mirror, mirror on the wall, who is the fastest-growing distributed database in the world? First, Mirror will automatically read TIDB Cloud to obtain various metadata of the database. Then, through deep learning, it will convert the user’s natural language input into SQL. Finally, the results will be summarized through GPT3. 81.48 9
三人行 Python Playground The Go language ecosystem has Go Playground, a tool that can execute simple Go code and share it via links. This makes it very convenient for users to learn and verify the basic capabilities of the language and libraries, and share them with others. In StackOverflow, Go language questions and answers often use Go Playground to carry and share code snippets. However, Python does not have such a tool officially, so we want to implement a Python Playground similar to Go Playground based on WASM, Serverless, and TiDB Cloud. 81.30 10
贵司贵组 TiDB Cloud VS Code extension Manage TiDB Cloud clusters directly with VS Code, empowering developers for one-stop data processing and application development. 81.27 11
Second State A serverless ETL runtime for the TiDB Cloud We propose to create a cloud-native ETL application framework based on the WasmEdge WebAssembly runtime for developers to filter, map, and transform data going into TiDB cloud databases. Developers will be able to create secure, lightweight, fast, and cross-platform ETL functions that are located close to or even embedded in TiDB Cloud’s infrastructure. The ETL functions can be deployed as serverless functions and receive data from a variety of sources including event queues, webhook callbacks, and data streaming pipelines. The outcomes are written into user-configured TiDB tables for later analysis. 81.22 12
TINOCO TiNocoDB AirTable is a great low-code management tool, but they restrict free users with a paywall for row-based permission management. NocoDB is its open-source alternative, but the MySQL backend will become a shackle in the near future. We believe TiDB’s powerful scalable features will fully unleash the potential of smart spreadsheets, allowing users to grow from weak to strong without worries. Therefore, we hope to connect NocoDB to TiDB. 80.38 13
三恒诸浪 SSO 实现 TiDB 登录权限校验 This project aims to use SSO as the login authentication method for TiDB, allowing users to avoid using direct database usernames and passwords to connect to TiDB, enhancing security and permission control. 80.38 13
42 ETCD with TiDB Etcd has capacity limitations, so we can create a middleware to implement the etcd interface, with TiDB as the backend. 80.10 15
五湖四海 SSO 实现 TiDB 登录权限校验 In practice, we found that in the internet era, the increasing number of decentralized systems has become overwhelming, and logging into different systems one by one has become a major hassle. At this time, we need a unified single sign-on system, driven by real needs, because through a single sign-on system, we can unify the management of systems scattered in different places, truly achieving one login to browse everywhere, without the awkward situation of needing to log in again for each system. 78.55 16
Mantou TiChain TiChain is designed to utilize the distributed data processing and nature of TiDB to achieve a scalable database to allow for accurate and timely blockchain data analytics. The TiDB-based distributed file system will allow for efficient processing of incoming new data (which on the blockchain are represented by blocks) for an ever-increasing blockchain database. 78.33 17
Ti 流批 Ti 流批 Ti 流批 is a streaming lakehouse system built on TiFlash, integrating Flink Table Store to add more real-time capabilities on TiFlash. 78.00 18
开心就好 cool Real-time processing and analysis of TB-level blockchain data, with billions of transaction data. 77.10 19
Give Me Five Public Data Market Service Store public data like (public blockchain data, public stock market data, public news) in TiDB Cloud, and leverage the HTAP ability of TiDB Cloud to provide public data retrieving/analysis service. 77.08 20
早日暴富 TiDB + Blockchain = ? What sparks can TiDB and Blockchain create? 77.00 21
敲代码不喊我是吧 TiCat The project background comes from community needs: a migration verification tool is needed to migrate from MySQL to TiDB, allowing developers to modify incompatible table structures, stored procedures, and functions in advance. 76.00 22
神禹 tibc To achieve big data processing functions for blockchain datasets and achieve the desired effects, we have developed some module applications based on TiDB: Data acquisition module: supports importing and exporting data from a specific chain to the TiDB cluster on k8s. Data analysis module: supports one-click analysis of imported data, accelerating the acquisition of corresponding account, token, and block information with the support of TiDB. 75.85 23
一天一个项目 HTAP Charts Design and implement a charts component at the TiDB layer, allowing users to generate their own charts through configuration and drag-and-drop, and then obtain the iframe code of the corresponding chart on the website to embed it into their own applications, completing the chart construction. 75.72 24
中杯 大杯 超大杯 TiTicket Implement a “ticket office” for TiDB, providing self-service for database accounts. It offers account registration and privilege application functions for ordinary users. Users can automatically register temporary accounts in TiDB through SSO authorization and submit privilege applications through this service to obtain corresponding privileges after administrator approval. It provides user privilege management APIs for administrators, simplifying the privilege application process. Periodically updates temporary user passwords and deletes inactive users to enhance database security. 74.88 25
自己写 自己查 自己网站上挂 OSSInsight Marketplace Our team plans to complete the Marketplace module of OSSInsight in Hackathon 2022. Users can freely upload their own components, and after review, other users can use these components and embed them into any page (via iframe). 74.77 26
大明湖畔的小天台 MIXED HTAP ON K8S In the process of operating an e-commerce website, the complex data sources make configuration management very difficult, especially when maintaining multiple environments such as grayscale, canary, and production clusters. From the perspective of simplifying the data architecture, based on existing business, we construct a data entry point, provide appropriate annotations, and provide database services for OLTP, light OLAP, and heavy OLAP. This project is based on TiDB, supplemented by open-source technologies such as ShardingSphere, Flink, and StarRocks. 74.57 27
发际线保护协会 数据引擎 Etcd naturally supports distributed, high availability, and clustering, and has a lot of application practices in fields such as K8s. 73.98 28
HOTPOOR FindMaster This project aims to solve the problem of unified cost analysis and key indicator monitoring and alerting under the cloud deployment architecture. 73.77 29
MindBase MindBase MindBase - Based on Flutter and TiCloud, creating a DBaaS service and content management system (CMS). 72.77 30

Preliminary Rankings for TiDB Product Group

PS: Preliminary rankings have no relation to final rankings.

Note: All projects are excellent, and there are 32 TiDB Product Group projects entering the finals due to ties.

Team Name Project Name Project Description Preliminary Score Preliminary Ranking
热点清零 Fearless Write Hotspot This project adopts a bottom-up design approach, considering how to solve the write hotspot problem of TiKV from the perspective of better utilizing CPU, disk, and other resources. 83.67 1
Jiekun FSDS Providing full data export support for TiDB, facilitating the construction of heterogeneous storage/secondary storage. 83.50 2
我垫你们蹲 TiFlash Collocated Optimization Our approach enhances the analytical processing ability of TiDB while keeping its HTAP nature (real-time and simplicity) intact, in an innovative, systematic, and non-intrusive way. 82.67 3
cdc-plg cdc sink plugin We will deliver the CDC sink as a plugin, allowing users to customize logic without recompiling the Tiflow project and packaging TiCDC! Users can send TiKV data from TiCDC to any storage in the world! 82.52 4
BetterTP BetterTP Attempting to find optimization directions for TiDB OLTP performance. 82.00 5
小灰灰yyds TiDB Unified Execution Engine Implementing a unified execution engine for TiDB components with the help of Velox. 81.82 6
ng-raft-engine ng-raft-engine As TiDB clusters scale larger and the Dynamic Region feature is introduced, the amount of data carried by a single TiKV increases, and the problems brought by hot and cold Regions in a single TiKV instance become more apparent. 81.45 7
TiFancy TiFancy Fast at Scale, inspired by, this project aims to enhance TiDB’s HTAP serving capability for AP requests. By improving AP serving capabilities, applications like OSSInsight can directly benefit, providing users with real-time and accurate business insights from massive data. 80.58 8
爱吃苦瓜和大米 TiPipeline Better TiFlash execution model! Based on the Hyper morsel-driven design, implementing a thread-per-core model to achieve high execution efficiency and fair query scheduling in high concurrency scenarios for TiFlash. 80.50 9
苍蝇腿也是肉 优化器支持 INDEX SKIP SCAN Skip scan is an efficient index scanning method that can significantly reduce the
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