[First HTAP Summit] Invites You to Witness "The Rise of HTAP"

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Original topic: 【首届 HTAP Summit】邀您共同见证 “The Rise of HTAP”

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The first HTAP Summit will be held

on November 1, 2022, North America time

in California offline

Want to learn about the latest HTAP technology trends and insights, and communicate face-to-face with industry experts?


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Databases Enter a New Era of Convergence

As everyone knows, databases are divided into OLTP and OLAP types from the perspective of defining data processing methods, with the biggest difference between the two being the workload. For decades, OLTP and OLAP workloads have been handled separately by different database systems. This has become the norm because these two workloads differ in design factors such as latency, throughput, and data consistency. This is also why a single database system may only focus on OLTP or OLAP workloads. For example, operational databases usually require very short latency, but data warehouse or data lake systems can tolerate longer latency.

With the development of the internet, the amount of business data for enterprises continues to increase, and the scalability of single-machine databases limits their use in massive data scenarios. Therefore, in practical applications, to meet various needs and support business growth, databases that can uniformly support transaction processing and workload analysis have become the demand of many enterprises.

In this context, HTAP (Hybrid Transactional and Analytical Processing) proposed by Gartner has become a hope. Based on an innovative computing storage framework, HTAP databases can simultaneously support business system operations and OLAP scenarios on a single data set, avoiding a large amount of data interaction between online and offline databases in traditional architectures. Additionally, HTAP is based on a distributed architecture, supporting elastic scaling, and can expand throughput or storage on demand, easily handling high concurrency and massive data scenarios.

Why HTAP Summit? Why Now?

Although the concept of HTAP was introduced to the market 8 years ago, technical challenges once hindered the true popularity of HTAP databases.

Until recently, with the successive launches of products like PingCAP’s TiDB, Google’s AlloyDB, and Snowflake’s UniStore, you must have noticed a trend: HTAP is on the rise!

The entire market and industry are looking forward to an opportunity for experts to gather, deeply study HTAP, exchange ideas, and explore opportunities to accelerate business growth in a post-pandemic environment.

:point_right: HTAP Summit is the first grand event in the database community for this emerging technology. Database industry leaders and developers from around the world will discuss large-scale mission-critical transaction processing, real-time data analysis as business insights, and other technical and business innovations with you.
:point_right: As a participant, this is a rare opportunity to meet many industry pioneers face-to-face and discuss and exchange future technology trends together. Speakers from AWS, Databricks, Menlo Ventures, StarTree, Catalyst, Pinterest, KNN3 Network, Block, Niantic, Flipkart, Forrester, PingCAP, and others will share their unique insights and views on database development trends and the rise of HTAP, their personal experiences in bringing HTAP into practice, leading this feast of ideas.
:point_right: Moreover, you will explore and gain more insights into the latest trends and best practices around HTAP, from keynote speeches to breakout sessions, taking you into real-world HTAP customer success stories and ecosystem operation experiences, with the opportunity to directly experience true HTAP in hands-on workshops.
:point_right: Since HTAP is born for data agility and business agility, whether you are an application developer, architect, data engineer, analyst, or senior manager such as CIO, CTO, as long as your work is related to data and business agility, you should pay attention to or participate in the HTAP Summit. This conference aims to effectively help you enhance your personal career competitiveness and provide shortcuts to accelerate company business growth!

Full Agenda

  • This conference is an offline event and does not provide live streaming for now. Virtual HTAP Summit 2022 is expected to be held in December, including the content of this on-site conference and more unique virtual speeches. If you cannot attend this time, you can continue to follow the event page~


Mountain View, California, USA

2nd floor, 1401 N. Shoreline Blvd. Mountain View, CA 94043

GRAND HALL - Keynote, Breakout, and Workshop

BOOLE - Breakout

LOVELACE - Breakout

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