Friends who have started testing TiDB v7.5.0, gather here!

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Original topic: 已经开始测 TiDB v7.5.0 的小伙伴来这里集合一下!

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Latest analysis practice from @Jellybean

Comparison of tests between v7.1 and v7.5.0

From @ShawnYan

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Upgraded to V7.1.2 with tears.

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Go TiDB!

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Several features have already been introduced, and I will find time to update and supplement them.

12/7, update added.

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For government-related business, we started testing TiDB from version 7.1. Its row-column synchronization and high availability are very impressive, making it more suitable for us compared to Alibaba and Huawei databases. The new system uses five physical servers with 20 cores, 256GB of memory, and 4TB SSDs to deploy a 7.5 cluster. Initially, there are about 2 billion structured data entries, and resources are limited. The server topology is a mixed deployment of 3 DB, 3 PD, 6 KV, 2 Flash, and 1 CDC. We highly value the fast DDL indexing and existing table partitioning in version 7.5. We hope TiDB continues to improve.

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Update stored procedures and functions.

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The server is good.

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My upgrade is mainly to fix the bug in version 7.1.2 where using multiple WITH AS and UNION ALL together might cause errors. I’m planning to test whether it has been completely fixed.

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Plan to upgrade the test environment to 7.5.0 for a trial.

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Upgraded from DM to TiDB 7.5. :+1:

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So fast~

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Testing starts tomorrow.

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I remember reading a document before that said v7.5.0 would start supporting stored procedures. Currently, it is not supported. Will it be supported in the future?

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Where did you see that?

It’s still under development, and the community edition doesn’t have this feature~ Only the enterprise edition does~

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I have upgraded to 7.5.

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You go ahead first, everyone. I’ll observe for now.

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Awesome! Let’s go!