From which version of Clickhouse was TiFlash forked?

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Original topic: TiFlash是从Clickhouse什么版本fork出来的?

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We have submitted some optimizations for ClickHouse to the main branch of ClickHouse, and we also want to port these optimizations to TiFlash. However, after looking at the code structure, the differences are quite significant. Do you know which version of ClickHouse TiFlash was forked from?

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The code structure is very different.

It’s a very early version, probably CH 1.1, and indeed the differences are significant; it has long since forked.

shawnyan@centos7:~$ tiup tiflash client --host
ClickHouse client version 1.1.54381.
Connecting to
Connected to ClickHouse server version 1.1.54381.
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The structure has been reorganized, and the overall style is different, so there are definitely significant differences.

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I saw that the promotional images used earlier were from ClickHouse. :innocent:

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Okay, thank you!

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