Full Restore Error: Error: NewCollationEnable not found in backupmeta

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Original topic: 全量恢复报错,Error: NewCollactionEnable not found in backupmeta

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When restoring with BR, an error is reported. What does this mean? I can’t find any information on it.

Error: NewCollactionEnable not found in backupmeta. If you ensure the NewCollactionEnable config of the backup cluster is the same as the restore cluster, use --check-requirements=false to skip: [BR:Common:ErrUnknown] internal error

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Is the difference in the new_collations_enabled_on_first_bootstrap parameter value the reason for the discrepancy between the upstream and downstream during backup and restore?

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The error message indicates that the NewCollactionEnable configuration item cannot be found in the backup metadata.
The BR tool needs to ensure that the NewCollactionEnable configuration of the backup cluster and the restore cluster are the same to ensure correct data recovery.

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Is the BR version too high? Is the BR version 6.0.0 replying to the 5.3.4 version of the database?
Record new_collation setting in br backup and compare new_collation during restore · Issue #33422 · pingcap/tidb (github.com)

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That’s indeed the case. I was using the old 5.1.0 br for backup, but after switching to the corresponding br tool for backup and recovery, it worked fine.

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