Getting Started with the TiDB Forum

The TiDB Forum is a sharing and learning platform for TiDB users. You can discuss everything about TiDB and TiDB Cloud here.

Tips for asking questions

Some tips to make your experience more efficient and enjoyable

Before you ask a technical question on the forum, refer to our customer resources, including:

To help ensure you get a prompt answer to your problem, please describe it clearly and in detail. An accurate title is also very helpful, and be sure to choose the correct category and tag. If your question is answered, select “Solution” to mark it resolved.

Learning Resources

Here are a few helpful resources:

  • TiDB Docs: guide, samples, and references you need to use TiDB.

  • TiDB Developer Docs: TiDB and TiDB Cloud guide written for application developers.

  • TiDB Cloud Docs: guide, samples, and references you need to use TiDB Cloud.

  • TiDB Cloud: Use TiDB as a service, including a free Serverless Tier(Beta) and Dedicated Tier.

  • Blog: Technical articles about TiDB products and TiDB use cases.

  • Videos: A compilation of short videos describing TiDB and a variety of use cases.

  • PingCAP Education: Database operation courses and developer courses for TiDB/TiDB Cloud users.

  • Customers: How our customers use TiDB/TiDB Cloud.

  • GitHub: TiDB open source repository.

Unexpected behaviors

To make things more enjoyable for everyone, avoid:

  • Personal attacks, provocative, insulting, or derogatory comments

  • Public or private harassment

  • Publishing others’ private information without permission

  • Publishing advertisements or other bad information without permission

  • Refreshing and posting huge chunks of junk questions

Thanks for joining the TiDB Forum. We look forward to your great discussions here.