Hackathon 2022 Think Tank Recruitment! Welcoming Aspiring Individuals to Shape the Future Together!

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Although Hackathon 2021 was less than 8 months ago, this year’s Hackathon is about to start again.

Unlike usual, this time we are looking to recruit a few partners to discuss how this year’s Hackathon should be organized.

But don’t worry, we already have a plan in place.

We just hope to discuss some uncertain matters with relevant partners.

Recruitment Numbers

5 - 8 people

What needs to be done?

Hackathon, as the annual competition event of the TiDB developer community, is highly anticipated and loved by everyone. Open-source enthusiasts burst with inspiration during the competition, coding tirelessly to create one “wow” project after another. Hackathon 2022 is in the planning stages, and to bring a more fun competition system and a better participation experience, we are specially recruiting a think tank to provide feedback on your expectations for this competition.

What can you do after joining the think tank?

We will discuss every detail of the hackathon together:

  • Share which hackathons you have participated in before and which ones impressed you the most.
  • In previous TiDB Hackathons, were there any segments you particularly wanted to see implemented this year?
  • If we are to organize a hackathon this year, what good ideas and suggestions do you have?
  • More: During this hackathon, if any issues arise, you can also take some time to respond to questions you can answer.

What are the benefits of joining the think tank?

  • Community points & experience value of 500 points
  • Your ideas have the chance to be implemented in this Hackathon
  • Exclusive think tank merchandise

What are the requirements?

  • Have your own expectations for Hackathon (just have ideas and be willing to share and contribute)
  • Have participated in previous TiDB Hackathons or other Hackathons (willing to share your experiences)

How to apply?

Add WeChat: billmay, or reply in the comment section with # I want to apply # + the hackathons you have participated in before

Hackathon Review

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#I want to register# + TiDB Hackathon 2018, 2019 (participant)

2020 (judge role)