Has anyone used client-side load balancing? For example, tidb-loadbalance

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Original topic: 请问大家有用客户端负载均衡的吗?比如tidb-loadbalance

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I have used tidb-loadbalance in POC, and also used haproxy a lot. There is not much difference under stress testing, you can actually test it out.

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No, because it doesn’t support .NET :joy:

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The performance requirements for the database proxy are not high.

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KP F5 have both been used. If the traffic is large, hardware load balancing is better.

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haproxy + keepalived

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You can try it, but it mainly depends on the traffic.

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If you are using a cloud server, it is better to use their load balancer.

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We use HAProxy + Keepalived.

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If money is not an issue, go for F5.

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I haven’t used it, will the performance be better than others?

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This is used less frequently; it’s better to use something more mature.

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