High Memory Usage in TiDB Server Leading to Automatic Termination of SQL Queries Observed in TiDB Logs

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Original topic: tidb server内存使用多,自动杀掉sql在tidb日志的现象

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Is the log record in TiDB showing [ERROR] [adapter.go:466] [“execute sql panic”]?

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This usually indicates that an uncaught panic (i.e., a runtime error in Go language) occurred while executing an SQL statement. To determine the specific error, it is necessary to analyze the context of the logs.

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The TiDB server process is occupying too much memory and has been OOM-killed. The logs only show an “execute sql panic” message. I’m not sure if TiDB automatically killed any large-memory SQL queries before the OOM. If it did, what kind of message would be in the logs?

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You need to configure the tidb_mem_quota_query and tidb_mem_oom_action parameters to specify how to handle SQL queries that exceed the memory limit.

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Configured it, just want to confirm if it has taken effect.

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Search for this keyword “servermemorylimit.go” in the logs.

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Just directly select * from the large table in full, and you’ll know.

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Check the TiDB configuration file and find the following configuration:

path = "/data/tidb"

Enter this directory, and you will find the following files:
Use these files to troubleshoot the issue.

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Matched, TiDB error timestamp [ERROR] [adapter.go:466] [“execute sql panic”], program error: java.sql.BatchUpdateException: Your query has been cancelled due to exceeding the allowed memory limit for the tidb-server instance and this query is currently using the most memory. Please try narrowing your query scope or increase the tidb_server_memory_limit and try again.
This indicates that a statement was indeed cancelled.