How does the PD microservice TSO switch the leader?

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Original topic: pd微服务 tso 如何切主?

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The local cluster can already deploy the PD microservice, but how to switch the primary for TSO? Currently, ctl can only switch PD, and cannot switch microservices.

[root@tidb1 ~]# tiup ctl:v8.1.0 pd member leader transfer "pd-"
Starting component ctl: /root/.tiup/components/ctl/v8.1.0/ctl pd member leader transfer pd-
[root@tidb1 ~]# tiup ctl:v8.1.0 tso member leader transfer "pd-"
Starting component ctl: /root/.tiup/components/ctl/v8.1.0/ctl tso member leader transfer pd-
Error: ctl only supports tidb, tikv, pd, binlog, etcd and cdc currently