How much PD storage does TiCDC use?

TiCDC uses etcd in PD to store and regularly update the metadata. Because the time interval between the MVCC of etcd and PD’s default compaction is one hour, the amount of PD storage that TiCDC uses is proportional to the amount of metadata versions generated within this hour. However, in v4.0.5, v4.0.6, and v4.0.7, TiCDC has a problem of frequent writing, so if there are 1000 tables created or scheduled in an hour, it then takes up all the etcd storage and returns the etcdserver: mvcc: database space exceeded error. You need to clean up the etcd storage after getting this error. See etcd maintenance space-quota for details. It is recommended to upgrade your cluster to v4.0.9 or later versions.