How Ordinary People Can Live More Easily

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Life is about being frugal. I suggest every programmer who enters this forum to treat TiDB as their main career focus. The growth of TiDB will also accompany the advancement of your career.

How can ordinary people live the life they want?

First, reduce expenses. Develop the habit of keeping accounts. Reflect on your expenses every month. See which expenses can be saved, then save money and try to reduce your spending. Quit bad habits like smoking and drinking. The minimum monthly expense should be 1000.

My expenses in July:

You can see that the major expense is dining:

Click in for detailed analysis: I spent 200 on a buffet for someone and often ate KFC. I will save on these expenses.

Try to control your expenses to 3000.

Because you never know when an emergency will come, like parents being hospitalized or children getting injured. Hospital visits can cost tens of thousands.

After a few months, you will find your expenses reduced. This is my personal expense, not family expenses, which are at least over 10,000. The pressure is too great, so I can only save money on myself.

For example, last month my mom was hospitalized and had a heart stent installed, costing 120,000, with 12,000 out-of-pocket.

Second, increase income by finding a popular industry like TiDB.

Increasing income and reducing expenses are essential for life. If you work in the TiDB industry, your income will be higher than that of a general DBA. Several friends of mine manage TiDB, and their salaries have increased by at least 10,000. Many people’s monthly income is less than 10,000. Imagine, another friend of mine, a university graduate, works in a factory for 5,000 a month and might even lose his job. What kind of life is that? If you don’t plan for the future, the future will plan for you.

Third, find an investment path.

Currently, competition in the physical industry is very fierce. For example, opening a Kudi Coffee shop costs 600,000, but it might fail, resulting in a total loss. A friend drives for Didi, either renting a car or buying one. Buying a car costs 110,000, while renting costs 4,000 a month. He can save over 10,000 a month through hard work, but now there are too many Didi drivers, reducing the income to less than 10,000.

So, find an investment path, analyze it, and invest in it. For example, I bought a particular stock.

Fourth, keep reading to enhance your knowledge.

Looking at my expenses, 423 was spent on daily necessities, which were actually books. I like to buy books on probability and economics to find answers in them.

I recommend a few good books: “Making Friends with Time” by Li Xiaolai, “Rich Dad Poor Dad,” “The Road to Financial Freedom,” and “Probability Theory.”

Fifth, learn computer science and data analysis.

I am grateful that my parents enrolled me in computer training, and I am also interested in computers. I can turn my hobby into a job, making it less boring.

Recently, Luobo Auto launched in Wuhan, causing most drivers to lose their jobs. Actually, after GPT was introduced, many job plans became redundant. As Huang Dongxu said, computer programming has become an art. Previously, programming was like ancient craftsmanship, where one would code and sell their own work. Later, it became a factory job, with hundreds of people working on the same project in a company. But with GPT, many lawyers, doctors, programmers, and writers can be replaced by robots. GPT represents general artificial intelligence. However, we still need to understand its operating principles. Knowing computer science can help you perform many probability checks. For example, would you believe that the Nasdaq will keep rising? Many people don’t believe it, as there are no absolutes in the world. But if you know computer science, you can use historical data to calculate future trends.

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