How to Beautify SQL with the Package

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Original topic:这个包如何美化SQL

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How to beautify SQL using the package GitHub - pingcap/parser: A MySQL Compatible SQL Parser
stmt, _, err := p.ParseSQL(sql)
||var sb strings.Builder|
||ctx := format.NewRestoreCtx(format.DefaultRestoreFlags, &sb)|
||err = stmt[0].Restore(ctx)|
After executing the above code, there are no line breaks.
Executed SQL:
select supplier_name, city from
(select * from suppliers join addresses on
as suppliers
where supplier_id > 500
order by supplier_name asc, city desc;
SELECT supplier_name, city FROM (SELECT * FROM suppliers JOIN addresses ON suppliers.address_id = AS suppliers WHERE supplier_id > 500 ORDER BY supplier_name, city DESC
Desired SQL:

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Use yearning

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The parser should not have the beautification function of line breaks.

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What is yearning?

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