How to Check Incomplete Data and Latency When Syncing TiDB with MySQL

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Original topic: tidb同步mysql数据,数据不全,延迟如何查看

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I am a newbie, first time encountering TiDB. The previous person in charge just left and didn’t leave any TiDB documentation. No one knows how to handle TiDB. Today, business queries reported that the data in the TiDB tables is incomplete. The data is synchronized from MySQL. Could any experts advise on how to analyze this issue? I am a beginner with TiDB and just started learning. Apologies for the basic question.

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First, check how it was synchronized. The TiDB ecosystem tool is DM, but you can also use other software.

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Oh, it looks like a big pit.

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The synchronized data, can we take a look at the DM configuration file?

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First, check out the common issues with DM. Troubleshoot them one by one.

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Specific problems require specific analysis. Identify which tables are incomplete and examine the extent of the incompleteness. Then check if there are any migration logs left.

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This is a situation where risks and opportunities coexist.

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If it is synchronized through DM, first check the status of the DM task.

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You can check the status of DM using the command tiup dmctl --master-addr <master-address> query-status.

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The DM task “sbtest” is running, and its data source is “mysql-replica-01”.

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First, determine whether it is real-time synchronization or one-time synchronization. If the data is indeed incomplete, it is recommended to re-synchronize the full data and then perform real-time synchronization.

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If there are no handover documents, it can indeed be problematic.

  1. First, confirm the synchronization method.
  2. Compare the full data by time point to eliminate potential risks.
  3. Check the TiDB version, running status, cluster topology, and other information.
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What state does DM run in?

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This statement suggests that there is an inconsistency in the existing baseline data. You can consider using the official sync_diff_inspector tool to verify and compare the baseline data. Its use case is to check the consistency of two sets of data in MySQL/TiDB, and it can also output repair SQL to fill in the missing data where there are differences.

For detailed operations, you can refer to the official documentation:

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Are you using the DM tool?

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Problem solved, thank you.

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Thank you, much appreciated.

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Don’t mention it. Consulting with senior employees requires a fee.

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:thinking: How did you solve it? Can you share the solution?

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Doesn’t this tool generate multiple SQL files? How do you execute so many SQL files in bulk?