How to Check the Number of Concurrent Connections During Peak Times in TiDB

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Original topic: tidb如何查看系统高峰时的并发数

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How to check the number of concurrent connections during peak times in TiDB

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Concurrency = QPS * Average Response Time

You can directly find the corresponding data on the TiDB dashboard and calculate it. For the average response time, I personally feel that Database Time can be used.

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show processlist

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Check the dashboard or Grafana.

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SHOW STATUS LIKE ‘Threads_running’;

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The most direct way is to query the expression tidb_server_tokens in Prometheus, as only this expression represents concurrent connections.

tidb_server_tokens The number of concurrent executing sessions
TYPE tidb_server_tokens gauge
tidb_server_tokens 0

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Another way is to check the performance-overview panel, which will display Active connections.

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You can directly view QPS on the dashboard. As for how many connections are running SQL, you can check this:

where t.command<>'Sleep';
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Does the concurrency here refer to the number of connections to the DB or something else?

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Yes, it’s pretty much as you said. I checked the peak QPS from Grafana, and the average response time is over 1 second, which basically equals the QPS.

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Finally found it from Grafana, thank you.

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No, peak concurrency generally refers to qps * average response time.

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I’ve learned a lot.

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