How to configure Kafka's batch.size in CDC

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Original topic: cdc怎么配置kafka的batch.size

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How to configure the batch.size of Kafka in CDC

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tidb-cdc: Indicates the topic
kafka-version: Downstream Kafka version number (optional, default value is 2.4.0, currently the minimum supported version is
kafka-client-id: Specifies the Kafka client ID for the synchronization task (optional, default value is TiCDC_sarama_producer_ID of the synchronization task)
partition-num: Number of downstream Kafka partitions (optional, cannot be greater than the actual number of partitions. If not filled, the partition number will be automatically obtained)
protocol: Indicates the message protocol output to Kafka, optional values are default, canal, avro, maxwell, canal-json (default value is default)
max-message-bytes: Maximum amount of data sent to the Kafka broker each time (optional, default value is 64MB)
replication-factor: Number of replicas for Kafka message storage (optional, default value is 1)
ca: Path to the CA certificate file required to connect to the downstream Kafka instance (optional)
cert: Path to the certificate file required to connect to the downstream Kafka instance (optional)
key: Path to the certificate key file required to connect to the downstream Kafka instance (optional)

Which parameters do you need?

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You can refer to the documentation: TiCDC Changefeed 命令行参数和配置参数 | PingCAP 文档中心

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After configuring CDC, I want Kafka messages to be sent only when each batch size reaches 1M.

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It looks like the control is the number of rows. :thinking:

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How about trying this parameter for the URI?

But it doesn’t seem to be what you want. It looks like you want to batch 1MB for sending?

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# Kafka Producer Configuration Example

# Kafka Producer Configuration

# Set batch.size parameter
# TiCDC Configuration File Example

# TiCDC Service Listening Address
  # Listening Address
  # Listening Port
  port: 8300

# CDC Configuration
  # Changefeed Configuration
    # CDC Configuration Name
    id: "example-changefeed"
    # Target Storage Type, here is Kafka
    sink-uri: "kafka://kafka-broker:9092/example-topic"
    # Other CDC related configurations
    # Kafka Producer Configuration File Path
    kafka-producer.config: "/path/to/kafka/"
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Where is this document? I couldn’t find it…