How to Configure Parameters to Meet Best Practices

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Original topic: 如何配置参数符合最佳实践

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There are many configurable system parameters for concurrency control and hotspot handling in TiDB. How can we obtain configuration parameters that conform to best practices?
If hybrid deployment is not used, is the cluster deployed using TIUP by default considered best practice?
Is it still necessary to manually adjust according to the server’s CPU core count and memory capacity?
This is much more difficult compared to MySQL.

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First, use the default configuration and test each configuration parameter in combination with your business. The configuration that suits others’ business may not necessarily suit yours.

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The default configuration of MySQL is also not the optimal configuration; it is adjusted gradually based on actual needs. If TiDB is not deployed in a mixed environment, using the default configuration is a good approach. You can make targeted adjustments if there are issues with the cluster.

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If there is no mixed deployment, basically no need to change parameters.

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In-depth research on TiDB principles + operating system principles + distributed principles + rich practical work experience. Based on your own situation, configure the best combination that suits your current status…
As mentioned above, best practices require gradual optimization.

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It would be great if we could automatically adjust parameters based on historical load conditions to achieve autonomous database optimization. After all, parameter optimization is easier than SQL intelligent optimization.

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The official should come up with a practical tutorial.

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A long way to go.

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Operating System Performance Tuning

TiDB Memory Control Documentation

TiKV Thread Pool Performance Tuning

TiKV Memory Parameter Performance Tuning

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You can have :call_me_hand:

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The default configuration is generally sufficient.

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The default configuration will do.

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Got it.