How to configure the DM configuration file to filter multiple table prefix matches?

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Original topic: DM 如果过滤多种表前缀匹配,配置文件要怎么配置?

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Black and white list global configuration, each instance references the configuration item name through the configuration.

block-allow-list: # If the DM version is earlier than v2.0.0-beta.2, use black-white-list.
do-dbs: [“syncdb”]
ignore-tables: # Whitelist of upstream tables that need to be migrated.
- db-name: “syncdb” # The name of the database where the table to be migrated is located.
tbl-name: “~^test_ss*” # The name of the table to be migrated.

As above, I have already filtered the tables starting with test_ss. I also want to filter the tables starting with bak_. How do I configure it in the configuration file? Do I just add another line with tbl-name: “~^bak*”?

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The example shows that multiple configurations are possible.

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Please note that if you have already set do-dbs or do-tables in a certain rule, the subsequent ignore-dbs and ignore-tables may not take effect. You can refer to the rules given in this post: 同一个source,多个block-allow-list时怎么配置 - #12,来自 buchuitoudegou - TiDB 的问答社区

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