How to Configure VictoriaMetrics Data Source Address in Dashboard

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Original topic: dashbord怎么配置VictoriaMetrics数据源地址

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I am not using Prometheus, but instead using VM Metrics to monitor all my TiDB clusters. When using the PD dashboard, how should I configure my data source?
When configuring this data source from Grafana, it requires a username and password. How should I configure it into the dashboard? The data source address is also not a standard IP:port.

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My VM is configured with many clusters, not just TiDB but also MySQL and others.

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Using tiup, everything is configured.

Additionally, the Dashboard cannot connect to your own MySQL.

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I haven’t configured it this way before. You can research it and then share your findings with us. :100:

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Integrate it and then share :laughing:

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I just don’t want to have too many Prometheus instances, so I used VictoriaMetrics as a replacement. I also integrated MySQL, but in the dashboard section, you can only write the IP and port, not other URLs, and you can’t add an account and password. I haven’t found the metadata table for storing the dashboard or a way to configure this section.

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I don’t need the dashboard to integrate with my own MySQL, I just hope that the dashboard can provide monitoring services for this TiDB group based on the tags I provide from my port.

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This is not supported at the moment, you can submit a new request.

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Where do you submit the requirements?

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Submit your requests in this section~ :yum: